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RiversEdge is a full-service art glass studio: an affiliation of skilled artisans with proven expertise in the design, production, and installation of leaded, etched, and carved art glass panels.

We specialize in architectural-scale projects (i.e., doors, sidelights, transoms, skylights, and cabinet doors) for homes, businesses, and institutions of all types and sizes. We are comfortable dealing both with homeowners and with the architects, builders, designers, and decorators who represent their interests throughout the homebuilding process.

What We Do
Every RiversEdge commission is driven by superior design, personalized service, and client satisfaction. Accordingly:

  • We take whatever time is necessary to fully understand each of our clients’ personal tastes and interests, assuring finished art glass products that meet or exceed their expectations.  Often this involves providing multiple drawings, demonstrations, samples, and/or site visits.
  • We maintain close client involvement before, during, and after every commission.  Clients are encouraged to visit the studio as often as they wish during the production process.  Out of town? We’ll give you access to a private area of this web site, where we’ll post daily photographic updates as your panels are built.
  • We produce art glass windows with painstaking attention to detail, using time honored techniques and the finest materials and tools available.
  • We install our products with the same professional care we would exercise if we were mounting them in our own homes.

Why Should You Pick RiversEdge?
Despite our decades of experience in art glass (or perhaps because of them), we still consider it an honor to be invited to participate in the personalization of each of our clients’ homes. We will strive to make your interaction with our studio one of the most positive and rewarding of your building / decorating experiences.

By selecting RiversEdge you are assured that you’ll never be expected to settle for a plagiarized or overworked design, indifferent craftsmanship, or a shortcut installation.  Whether you are building your first home, a winter retreat, a simple weekend getaway, or the home of your dreams, RiversEdge is the art glass studio to call when quality matters: when "good enough" simply isn’t good enough.

Please note that only a few examples of our work are provided in the galleries. To get the best understanding, we encourage you to visit our studio, where extensive portfolios and multiple examples better demonstrate the true scope and quality of our work.

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